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Welcome! I'm so happy you are here! I'm Amber, an artist and Oregon native, located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am an adventure seeker, storyteller, and a heart centered soul with a sarcastic streak. I am a Mama to a wildling, he is my reason for breathing, but also the reason I need to be super-powered by caffeine daily. My life is full of love, laughter, chaos, beauty, flaws and everything in between.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest my childhood consisted of barefoot explorations in the creek and forest on or near our property, jumping off bridges into lakes and camping in picturesque places. I live for authentic connection and will forever prefer to feel the earth beneath my bare feet whenever possible.


Photography has fulfilled my life in so many ways.  Being trusted to document the details and emotions of your most important moments means the world to me. I have been photographing connection for over 10 years and I can't imagine doing anything else. 

My purpose is not to photograph some posed, unrealistic version of who you are.  Any photographer can do that. I will tell your story by honoring your truth and creating an experience that is true and genuine to you. Your story is unique, and I am so grateful to you for trusting me with it. 

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Amber Slade

Portland, Oregon


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